Coaching Agreement - Master the Mind, Master the Game Monthly  Private Coaching Plan

Purpose: A coaching and mentoring program designed to removing limitations and design an action plan for your fulfilling life.

Through Master the Mind, Master the Game coaching, we will focus on supercharging the most important area of your life right now. The program involves a self-discovery process that uncovers and helps remove limiting beliefs and blocks that prevent you from being, doing or having what you want. The program creates the necessary actions to build momentum and provide the tools to help you achieve your goals. This program works both on your inside thinking and your outward actions.

Master the Mind, Master the Game coaching helps you take control of your life by harnessing the power of your mind, activating your values and beliefs to sharpen your focus and support you towards meeting your goals.

Areas of focus:

  • Access to tools and techniques to release negative emotions and gain emotional freedom by letting go of unresourceful states blocking your success
  • Identify and remove limiting beliefs and decisions, clearing your personal obstacles
  • Make new choices about yourself and your life or business and transform the way your think
  • Access your internal resources, gain tools to help you do that and install positive resourceful states to support you towards your goal(s)
  • Utilize the most positive power speech and internal representations to actualize who you really are inside
  • Goal Setting – Identify, plant and maintain focus on clear and specific goals for your future
  • Gain confidence and clarity about your future

Your Program Includes:

􀀀 One Monthly private 30 minute coaching session (to be used in current month)

􀀀 BONUS - Access to the monthly group coaching session

Program Investment:

$97 CAD plus HST each month

Coaching Program Terms and Commitments

I encourage you to think of coaching as a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short time. However, to refine and sustain the change takes several months. Remember, your participation and commitment to fully utilizing the coaching, resources and tools will determine your results.

Coaching is a powerful process designed to support you in finding the clarity and confidence to take action to achieve your goals. At times, you may feel stuck or as if the process isn’t working. This is often a perfect sign that you are facing your obstacles and limiting beliefs, ready for a breakthrough. My request is that any and all concerns with the process or how you are feeling be addressed with me so I can be the best coach to you and assure that the coaching relationship is strong and supportive.

Your Commitment Includes:

  • Completing the pre-questionnaire and coaching agreement as thoroughly and accurately as you can
  • Refraining from multi-tasking during sessions
  • Being authentic, honest and speaking up for what you want
  • Letting me know about any personal situations that may interfere with your experience
  • Letting it be okay not to know all the answers (and being kind to yourself during those times)
  • Giving yourself permission to just be you!
  • Having a clear intention, or goal for your coaching
  • Be willing to take risks, try new things and stretch beyond your current experience
  • Being responsible for your own results, which includes proactively asking for support, scheduling follow up coaching calls as you need them and using your program benefits and resources
  • Honoring your investment and the commitment you are making in yourself by handling any situations that may distract or detract from your experience, being patient with yourself and taking care of yourself and your energy
  • Honoring our relationship (by being direct, truthful, open and deeply expressive with me we will go farther, faster)
  • Celebrating your wins, shifts, achievements and excitement throughout the program (especially the little ones!)

Corey’s Commitment Includes:

  • Believing in you and your ability to achieve your vision of success
  • Sharing in-depth information and knowledge with you so you move forward with building and growing YOU much more quickly than you would on your own
  • Allowing you to be 100% authentic and fully YOU
  • Holding you accountable to act from your highest self, even when you may not feel that way
  • Being in integrity and honest at all times
  • Holding high standards for you and myself (and handling any situation that crosses the line, helping you to resolve and move beyond things you are putting up with that are not in alignment with your brilliance)
  • Being kind and patient with your progress so that you know you always have a safe place to express where you are
  • Keeping you focused on YOUR goals (and holding you accountable for taking the action steps you agree to, or renegotiating them)
  • Sharing creative ideas and inspiration without the need to have you “like” them (if you don’t like an idea I create, no problem—I’ll create another one or you’ll be inspired to create your own)
  • Coaching you to find solutions to challenges that may come up
  • Coaching you to your highest self and coaching you to achieve your highest potential
  • Knowing that there are unlimited possibilities available to you, no matter what any situation may look like
  • To preserve, absolutely, the confidentiality of all matters raised between us in any conversation
  • To bring attentive listening, understanding, honesty, and a commitment to your success .
  • To challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, make requests and to celebrate your wins.

Coaching Appointments

My commitment is to be there for you 100% and I request that you come to the coaching appointment prepared as well. For telephone session, be sure that you are in a quiet area where you will not be distracted or multitasking during your scheduled coaching call. In addition to staying 100% focused on our session, I also ask that you show up on time and prepared. Coaching can also be done via Skype.

Scheduling Coaching

You will be provided a link to schedule your coaching session in your introduction email.

You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance. Should you need to make any last-minute changes, please contact me by telephone @ 416-508-0018 and confirm with an email at least 4 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Should I need to make any changes, I will provide 24 hours notice by phone and email as well.

If you arrive late, the session will still conclude at the regularly scheduled time. If you miss a session without the required notice, the session will not be rescheduled, nor will any fees be reimbursed. Coaching time is blocked and made available to you for your use, regardless of whether you attend your scheduled session. In the event that two or more sessions are missed without notice, I, the coach, reserve the right to terminate the coaching relationship.


I, the coach, recognize that certain information of a confidential manner may be relayed during coaching sessions and correspondence. I will not at anytime, either directly or indirectly, use this information for my benefit or the benefit of Corey McCusker, nor disclose said information to anyone else without your specific approval.

However, in the case of any legal request, I, and my representatives cannot hold confidentiality, as we do not have a doctor/client privilege. If information you share with us is sufficiently “illegal” or “dangerous-to-oneself-or-others”, I will consult an attorney to determine whether or not to notify authorities. If information you share with me creates an uncomfortable feeling for me, or steps outside of my ethics and integrity base, I will let you know and may terminate the coaching relationship.

Please note that as Coach I maintain a client-coaching log, which includes your name, and email/phone contact information and hours coached.

Nature of the Relationship:

Specific coaching results are not guaranteed. As the client, you enter into coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results. As the client, you also agree not to hold the coach liable for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a direct result of a specific referral given by the coach. The Client has been made aware that the Coaching relationship is in no way to be considered or construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy.


The coaching program is a fixed commitment and all coaching should be completed within 3 months of your start date. If for any reason you choose not to continue, or stop participating, you will continue to be liable for the fees of this program.

Should you have any major concerns, emergencies, extreme hardships or significant conflicts of interest arise during the course of coaching, please raise the issue with me as soon as is practical and we will, together, determine the appropriate course of action as it relates to your coaching commitment.

Getting Started with Coaching

1. Once you have reviewed the coaching terms and conditions, simply acknowledge you have read and agree on your membership sign up form.

2. Complete Client questionnaire you receive once you have registered and select a time that works for you via the timetrade link.

Should you have any questions please email Corey at or call 416-508-0018 and I’ll be happy to help.

Coaching Agreement

This is the Coaching Agreement between the client, and Corey McCusker, Mental Performance Coach. It is expected that you, the Client, have thoroughly read and understand the terms of this Agreement and that your payment of Coaching Fees represents your willingness to abide by all the terms outlined below.

Client Commitments:

I am motivated and committed to take action on my personal and professional goals. I realize that anything less than my full participation will not lead to success. I accept full responsibility for myself and any actions, which I take that, might result from coaching. I understand my role and my coach’s role in this program. I will ask questions and clarify anything I don’t understand. I am committed to doing everything I need to do to get 100% from my coaching relationship. I indicate that I have read, and agree with, the terms of the Coaching Agreement by acknowledging the check box on my membership enrollment form

Coaches Commitments:
I agree to serve as your Coach, to partner with you to identify and achieve your personal and professional goals and to preserve, absolutely, the confidentiality of all matters raised between us in any conversation. As your Coach, I will bring attentive listening, understanding, honesty, and a commitment to your success . You can expect me to challenge you, to offer fresh perspectives, to make requests for fieldwork and to celebrate your wins. I am committed to providing you the level of support, collaboration, accountability and validation you need and request. If I am unable to meet your requests or have concerns, I will bring them to you as they arise so that we may work together to resolve them. I look forward to working with you in this coaching program!