Investment: $197

2 Module Program

Module 1 - Communicate & Connect Instantly in 90 seconds or less

At the end of this module you’ll have the skills to:

  • identify communication preferences in yourself and others
  • Understand and direct human communication and behavior
  • Connect instantly on an unconscious level

Module 2 - Direct & Detect Conversation Flow

At the end of this module you’ll have the skills to

  • Observe eye patterns and their meaning
  • Identify and recognize strategies you or others operate by i.e. motivation strategy, buying decision strategy
  • Take rapport to a new level

Here is what is included:

  • 2 easy to access modules
  • Audio & Video (mp3 & mp4) to support and deepen your learning add to your personal library
  • Clear, easy to follow, detailed training and coaching on the most proven communication and rapport building techniques delivered via the 2 modules
  • A LIFETIME site with links to the recordings, presentations and access to all content material shared in each module including assessments tools to help uncover communication preferences, meaning of eye patterns, strategy elicitation and how to build rapport instantly and easily
  • BONUS Private Coaching Session with Corey
Master the Mind, Master the Game - Magic of Building Rapport
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